We are Parents First™!
The Parenthood Specialists
So every parent feels 
nurtured, loved and supported,
and shares these gifts
with their children,
families and communities, 
creating a legacy of 
unconditional love for all!

Welcome to the New Paradigm: From Parenting to Parenthood

What we offer

Parents First!™ Journey

The Parents First!™ Journey is a stimulating and nurturing brain-based learning experience focused on strengthening you as a parent, family member, and individual

Parents First!™ Master Classes

Parents First!™ Master Classes complement the Journey by offering a deeper dive into important parent and child issues.

Parents First!™ Huddles

Our intimate Parents First!™ Huddles allow you to enter a community of fellow learners.

Parents First!™ Classes for Kids and Parents

Our Promise To You

Introduction to Parents First!™

Parenthood self-appraisal
Take our free parenthood self-appraisal now to assess your own approach to parenthood.

Parents First!™ Podcast

Parents First™ is the first on-line provider of the brain-based experiential learning programs focused on Parenthood, your experience as human beings who became parents – people who are responsible FOR and To those who we brought to this world or/and adopted.
At Parents First! we are Your Parenthood Specialists that are committed to every one of You feeling nurtured, loved and supported, so You can share these gifts with Your Children, Families and Communities, Creating a Legacy of Unconditional Love for All!
We believe that Parenthood is a Journey, not a destination!

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