Our Promise To You

Through Parents First!™ Training, you will achieve a renewed sense of freedom and personal power about yourself, your children, your relationships, and your life. You will experience deep personal satisfaction for the difference you make in the lives of the people you care about. And, in the process, you will:

  • acknowledge yourself and your children compassionately and generously
  • forgive and accept yourself, your parents, and your children
  • shift your outlook on events in your life and ‘lighten up’
  • listen with patience and acceptance rather than listen for weakness and mistakes
  • shrink the ‘rear-view mirror,’ reducing the power of past events to influence you
  • create a community of support and encouragement
  • gain peace of mind
  • and more…

Our Vision

Parents First!™ is committed to create a world of fulfilled and loving families, in which every member breaks through personal, interpersonal, and societal circumstances, and is free to realize their full potential.

Our Mission

Parents First!™ provides brain-based experiential learning programs that improve the lives of parents and children. We empower parents to create profound relationships with their children, families and communities — through effective communication, generous listening, and loving partnership.