Parents First!™ Educational Network

Parents First!™ Educational Network is designed for training of various professionals, as well as parents-leaders, who work with parents, children, and families, with the aim of creating a new mindset in the field – from Parenting to Parenthood! This will allow for building a new brand of professionals – expert companions, who are not only empathetic listeners, but also able to apply the growth perspective to each difficult situation they encounter with individuals, parents and families.

Parents First!™ Educational Network will be offering masterclasses, webinars, conferences, and trainings on the topics related to childhood trauma, parent-child development, attachment issues, epigenetic transmission of trauma, post-traumatic growth, neurobiological approach to parenthood and trauma, and many others.

What We Offer:

On December 4th & 5th, 2021, Parents First!™ Educational Network, in collaboration with the Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and the Parenting Working Group of the International Psychohistorical Association, conducted a conference on transgenerational transmission of trauma and parent-child development, which was inspired by the documentary, “Who’s Afraid of Alice Miller?”

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In Fall 2022, we joined the Parent-Child Development Program of the object Relations Institute in continuing the conversation about and the training on psychoanalytic understanding of human development – by starting the Psychoanalytic Grand Rounds @ORI, with the following event:


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